Advanced Sports Injury Treatment

Whether you play pro or just for fun, your feet and ankles are at risk for a variety of injuries including sprained ankles, ligament tears, calluses and blisters. Everything from the way you walk or run to the size and type of your footwear can have an impact on the health of your feet. We’re committed to educating our patients on common types of injury and how best to prevent them.

We have experience treating a range of injuries experienced by all types of athletes. Below we’ve listed some of the many conditions we are familiar with and our treatment methods. All of the conditions below can be successfully treated here at AFAC through a combination of physical therapy, preventive medicine and state-of-the-art medical technology.

Martial Arts and Kickboxing

Patients involved in martial arts, kickboxing and other high-intensity activities often suffer from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and ankle sprains. Recommended treatments include stretching and physical therapy.


The impact force from aerobics can be six times the force of gravity. When all that force is delivered to the bones of the foot, serious injury can result. Proper shoes are essential to remaining injury free during aerobic exercise with enough cushioning to absorb the excessive shock.

Turf Toe

Injuries to the tissue surrounding the big toe joint, known as “turf toe”, are common in professional athletes, dancers, and high-school sports players. Damage occurs when the heel pushes off the ground and the big toe remains flat. Hyperextension causes stretching and tearing and injury can occur immediately or over time. Athletes who play on grassy fields where cleats are likely to stick are at risk for turf toe.

Often the initial discomfort of the injury isn’t enough to discourage athletes from playing, causing further damage to the tissues. Pain, tenderness, swelling and sharp pain when pushing off are symptoms of turf toe and should be examined by your podiatrist.

Tips for Athletic Foot Care

Keeping your feet in top shape only takes a little time and effort and the reward is an active and healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips for day-to-care of your feet:

  • Wash your feet every day. Dry them thoroughly, especially between the toes
  • Wear only good-quality, well-fitting cotton socks
  • Stretch. Keep feet, legs and ankles limber by warming up for 15-20 minutes before sports or exercise
  • Get in shape. Excess weight adds strain to feet, ankles and knees and can lead to swelling, pain and conditions throughout the body
  • Wear the right shoes. Shoes should have adequate cushioning and support for each activity, whether you’re running, hiking or playing football
  • Regular visits to your podiatrist. See your podiatrist at least once a year for a check-up. We’ll help you keep informed of the best ways to care for your feet and watch for early signs of injury or strain

For Additional Information

For additional sport injury information or to make an appointment, please call 206-FOOT-DOC (206-366-8362).