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Do You Have Yellow, Brittle or Thickened Toenails?

You may suffer from onychomycosis, AKA: toenail fungus.

But there’s good news!

AFAC offers the world’s most advanced laser therapy treatments including the new CoolTouch laser from CoolBreeze.

Why CoolTouch?

Unlike oral medication, the CoolTouch Laser has no harmful side effects, doesn’t require blood tests before treatment and best of all: it’s effective. Creams and ointments are messy, require daily treatment over weeks and months and in the end, they might not work at all.

We’ve partnered with an industry leader to help our patients say goodbye once and for all to embarrassing, unsightly nail fungus.

How does it work?

An infrared laser light penetrates the surface of the nail to kill fungus hiding beneath. Immediately after each pass of the laser, you’ll feel a refreshing cryogen spray. While the procedure is painless, patients experience a mild warming sensation before the cooling spray is applied.

About CoolTouch

The CoolTouch Laser treatment is a product of CoolBreeze Inc., an industry leader in safe and effective laser therapies since 1994. CoolBreeze has set the standard for laser treatment of wrinkles, acne, and other skin conditions. Now, CoolBreeze has made their technology available to relieve patients of unsightly toenail fungus.

CoolBreeze is a pioneer in medical technology and like AFAC they are dedicated to providing effective and affordable care to every patient. We are proud to carry their CoolTouch laser and maintain their history of outstanding patient service.