Breakthrough Laser Cure For Fungus Nails

If you have nail fungus, then you are just like millions of Americans who suffer embarrassment and discomfort every day. Advanced Foot and Ankle Clinics has years of experience treating nail fungus and now, using breakthrough laser therapy we can eliminate Onychomycosis in just one or two sessions.

Creams and other topical solutions are often ineffective and oral medication requires blood tests and may produce side-effects. In contrast, laser therapy is painless and effective with no long-term treatment or side-effects. It takes about 20 minutes per foot and is over 85% effective – better than any other treatment.


Other Toenail Fungus Treatments Haven’t Worked, Why Will Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is a new way to eliminate nail fungus. In 2007 clinical research began that demonstrated the laser’s 88% percent effectiveness in trials. In 2010, the FDA approved the laser for clinical use and we’ve been successfully treating patients ever since.

Laser therapy doesn’t require surgery or anesthesia and most patients see results with a single treatment. Treatments are affordable and many people use health savings or flexible spending accounts. Call us to discuss payment and Care Credit financing options.

Q-Clear Laser

The Q-Clear Laser came from the collaboration of scientists, doctors, and other medical professionals.

For years now Q-Clear Laser has successfully reversed unsightly toenail fungus for millions of patients.

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CoolTouch Laser

The CoolTouch Laser treatment is a product of CoolBreeze Inc., an industry leader in safe and effective laser therapies since 1994. CoolBreeze has set the standard for laser treatment of wrinkles, acne, and other skin conditions. Now, CoolBreeze has made their technology available to relieve patients of unsightly toenail fungus.

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GenesisPlus Laser

The GenesisPlus Laser treatment is a product of Cutera Inc.,Cutera has been a leader in the aesthetic laser market for over 12 years. GenesisPlus, the premium podiatric laser for toes and feet is a fast and effective way to increase clear nail in patients with onychomycosis without drug therapy. This sophisticated device is the best in its class.

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